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Plan, Prepare, and Position for Start-Up Sustainability, Scalability, and Success!
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The Welcome Message

The BizMastery VIP Club is an Online Informational Platform Designed to Help Build the Capacity and Credibility of Start-Up Entrepreneurs and Visionaries.

Memberships are All-Access Yearly Memberships to Exclusive Information, Insight, and Intelligence concerning Business Start-Up Success, Entrepreneurship, Business Credit, Organizational Structuring, and MUCH MORE!

Answer These Questions...

We have a few quick questions to ask you to see if we can help and support you:
  • Do You Think You Need More Money Before You Can Start Your Business?
  • Don't Know Where or How To Start Your Business?
  • Do You Have A Fear Of Starting And Not Knowing What To Do Then?
  • Do You Want To Start A Business, But It Seems Like A Major Undertaking?
  • Are You Concerned About Failing? Have You Failed Before At Business?
  • Have You Established An LLC For Your Business But Don't Know The Next Steps To Take?
If You Answered YES To Any Of The Above Questions, You Need To Join The BizMastery VIP Club! We have The Answers And Solutions!

You're Getting:  YEARLY ACCESS

You Are Getting ACCESS To It All! Become A Member Of The BizMastery VIP Club Today!


We are giving you Exclusive & Power-Packed Information, Insight, and Intelligence concerning Business Start-Up Success, Entrepreneurship, Business Credit, Organizational Structuring, and MUCH MORE!


Assessments, Analysis, Questions & Answer Sessions... We will engage you to ensure that you are getting the most value from The BizMastery VIP Club! It will work if you work it!


We are going to exposure you to MORE! See and experience the lifestyle and successes of Experienced & Successful Entrepreneurs and Visionaries!


We are building a Community of Believers In Business! Connect with and support others that are Launching or Preparing For Launch!

Why Join The BizMastery VIP Club?



We’re providing you with Information, Insight, and Intelligence to help you gain UNDERSTANDING concerning Business, Entrepreneurship, Start-Up Sustainability, Business Credit, Organizational Structuring, and Much More! Understanding is the Key to Success!


Our Structure of Support is Designed to Ensure you have everything you need for Start-Up Sustainability and Development. Our copywritten Structure of Support is guaranteed to promote positive and impactful change in the lives of all who apply it!

Grants & Giveaways

Our Heart is to Help and our Mind is to Serve. We want to show you love, care, and concern with supportive money and resources! And trust me, you will want these Giveaways!  

Actions & Activities

Look forward to being Invited to Engagements, Events, and Experiences! We always Party With A Purpose!  

Insight & Intelligence

Our founder have faced almost every start-up challenge imaginable. He took all those experiences, lessons, and teachings to create the ultimate structure of support for you! He also won business awards too!  

Connections & Community

Become a part of a Community of Courageous Visionaries, Believers, and People that will Build You Up! 

What You're Getting:


You have a Year of Access to ask our Experts & Experienced Entrepreneurs UNLIMITED QUESTIONS About Starting Up, Business, Credit, Funding, And So Much More!


Information, Documents, Videos, Audios, Reports, Reviews, and so much more Ensuring your Stability, Sustainability, Scalability, and Success as a Visionary and Entrepreneur!


Invitations and Requests to Engagements, Events, and Experiences!


Access to Relationships & Resources to Support Your Vision or Mission!


Money, Gifts, and VIP Access!


We will put in the work to help you get clarity and understanding for your Vision or Mission!

The Start-Up Secret...

The Start-Up Secret...

The Start-Up Secret...

The Start-Up Secret...

The Start-Up Secret...

The Start-Up Secret...

The Start-Up Secret...

The secret to Start-Up Sustainabilty and Success is...
Organizational Structuring!

YES, you heard it here first! Your Organizational Structure sets the tone for your business. Your Organizational Structure establishes your INTENT To Do and Conduct Business.

We will break it all down for you and show you how to establish a Strong and Solid Organizational Structure for your Business, Vision, or Mission!
Membership Benefits


Learn, Understand, Use, and Apply Business Credit To Your Start-Up Structure!

The Secret To Business Credit Is… ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURING! We are the first to say this and it’s TRUE! Business Credit is established mainly based upon your Organizational Structure. When you have a solid and well-established Organizational Structure for your business, you will be able to get approved for many Trade Accounts, Net-30 Accounts, Revolving Credit Accounts, and More! Also, we will show you why Business Credit is the FIRST OPM (Other People's Money) you should obtain when starting a business! Again, we are the first and only people saying this, and we know what we are talking about!

How To Set Up For Business Credit

How To Establish Business Credit

How To Build Business Credit

No Personal Credit Equipment & Vehicle Financing

Credit To Cash Strategies

Asset Acquisition Via Business Credit Strategies


Get All The Benefits That Comes With Owning, Running, & Managing A Business!

Learn The Secret...

Learn The Secret...

Learn The Secret...

Learn The Secret...

Learn The Secret...

Learn The Secret...

Learn The Secret...

The Hidden Truth about Small Business Structuring is to take the Corporate Approach to Small Business. The Corporate Approach to Small Business positions you to get all the Benefits that comes along with Owning, Leading, and Managing a Small Business!

Learn how to structure your business to gain access to personal benefits and to support and accommodate your Entrepreneurial Lifestyle! You can live Your DREAMS and Your Business Will Pay For It! We will show you how to do it right! 

A SMALL BUSINESS SECRET... Justify Unusual & Abnormal Business Write-Offs with Internal Memorandums. Internal Memorandums will justify, explain, and display the "Reason Why" you made the purchase as it relates to supporting, marketing, or positioning your business. Get more secrets when you join The BizMastery VIP Club!



    We are giving away a $1,000 Grant for every 100 members that join the BizMastery VIP Club!

    Random Weekly & Monthly Giveaways To Members! Receive from Office Supplies to Fashion Accessories! We know items that Visionaries & Entrepreneurs want!  
Membership Benefits

Things You Will Learn & Apply!

The R's To Structuring

Requirements, Responsibilities, Relationships, Resources

The E's To Income Evolution

Employee, Self-Employed, Employer, Equity-Holder

The E's To Change

Education, Engagement, Exposure, Experience

Credit Leveraging Structures

Credit Leveraging Secrets Revealed

Credit Acquisition Structures

Credit-Building Secrets Revealed

Asset Acquisition Structures

Acquire Assets Through Your Business

Business Financing

Purchase Almost Anything Through Your Business!

Asset Protection Structures

Protect What You've Already Acquired

Business Plan & Models

You Need A Business Model, NOT A Business Plan

Investors Vs. Partners

The Difference & How To Find Them

Transitioning From Your Job

The Journey From Employee To Employer

The D's To Self-Mastery

Deliverance, Discernment, Development For A Better YOU!

P's To Success

Plan, Prepare And Position For Success!

S's To Positioning

Science, Structure, System, Schedule, Strategy

I's To Business

Income, Impact, Influence
Membership Benefits

Things You Will Better Understand


Positioning To Freedom & Fulfillment


Vehicle & Vessel To Freedom & Fulfillment

Ownership Vs. Usefulness

Ownership & Usefulness & Control


How To Identify & Operate In Purpose

Principles Of Success

What Are Principles of Success

Consumer Credit

Everything About Consumer Credit

Business Credit

Everything About Business Credit

Consumers In The USA

The Value of Consumers To The USA

Producers In The USA

The Value of Producers To The USA

The Power In Incorporation (LLC)

Why Incorporation Is So Important

How To Win In The USA

Structure, System, and Strategies To Win

The Power of Credit In The USA

Credit Power In America

The Power Of A Business

Business Empowers All In The USA

The Power Of Non-Profits

Non-Profits Carry More Power Than Most Know

The Power Of 501c3 Status

Federal Tax-Exemption Status Is Very Beneficial

You Must Become A Producer

The Benefits In Being A Producer In America

The Ultimate Pursuit In Life

The 2 Ultimate Pursuits In Life:  Freedom & Fulfillment (You Heard It Here First)

Debt Management

Debt Management & Financial Freedom

Positive & Income-Producing Debt

Positive & Good Debt Is A Real Thing!

Business Funding

Business Funding Simplified For Easy Approvals

Non-Profit Organization Sustainability

How To Structure A Non-Profit Organization With Built-In Sustainability
Consider The Following...


Pay To Join - FIRST!

Once you are a part of The BizMastery VIP Club, we will help you identify and acquire all the money you need for your Business, Vision, or Mission! We have a proven structure to do this!

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Don't move in Trial and Error, join The BizMastery VIP Club and have the help and support you need to move forward with confidence!

You Can't Do Great Thinking With Poor Information

Lean on our Expertise, Experience, Research & Development, Etc. so you can be more Informed, Empowered, and Strategic in your efforts!

Staying Focused & Organized Is Difficult

Connect with us so we can help you organize you, help you organize your vision, and support you with structure, systems, schedules, and strategies of success!

We Understand What You Are Trying To Do

We have been in your shoes many times over. We understand what to do, what to look out for, and what to expect when starting and launching a business. Let us support you through the process!

Help & Support Doesn’t Take Away Your Power!

Never think that being resourceful takes anything away from you! This is what you call being smart - it's called Leveraging! Leverage off of our Trials, Errors, Experiences, Expertise, Investments, Relationships, Etc.!

What's Stopping You From Joining Right Now?

Moving Forward Requires FAITH & TRUST.
Moving Forward Requires FAITH in You BELIEVING this is a Worthy Investment in Your Vision, Mission, and Future. TRUST that we can Add Enough VALUE that warrants and justifies our Membership Fee. Well, understand that we are providing Very Valuable Information and Content, we are operating in PURPOSE, and our HEART is to HELP & SUPPORT YOU. We simply want to see you Build, Develop, and Launch YOUR VISION with as little stress and struggle as possible. We believe we went through the stresses and struggles to help you avoid them.  
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Our Heart Is To Help. Our Mind Is To Serve.


We are Committed to Providing VALUABLE and ACCURATE Information & Support that you can truly use!

We are 100% CONFIDENT in what we are offering, and we PROMISE you will be better positioned for success by joining The BizMastery VIP Club. You simply have to plug-in and be committed to Your Success. It Will Work If You Work It! And, we are always all ears to your input, suggestions, and comments. We want to hear your questions, challenges, and struggles so we can create a platform that serves you best!  

Frequently Asked Questions

When I join the BizMastery VIP Club, will you do the work for me?

No, we will not do the work for you. We will give you all the information so you can do the work yourself. Don't worry, you got this and we got your back!

Can I purchase a membership for my teen?

YES! Teens can benefit from learning and gaining understanding about Money, Finance, Credit, Business, and so much more! We even have several Credit-Leveraging Structures that can be applied to help build the credit of your children and people close to you!

Is this a scam?

NO! You are purchasing a membership to gain access to our expertise, interpretation of information, and supportive resources that we believe will best serve you. We actually created this business to help start-up visionaries and entreprenerus from getting scammed, burning through resources, and so much more! Our heart is to help and our mind is to serve people like you!

Can you help me get money for my business?

We will help you to identify all your available resources and provide you with information, resources, etc. so you can position yourself/organization to obtain money, capital, funding, credit, etc. We will show you how to get much more than just money for your business! 
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