About Us...

an Online Publications Company.
We are incorporated as an Online Publications Company, but we are so much more...
Our Heart Is To Help.
Our Mission Is To Serve.
We've been through it all as Entrepreneurs! We know and understand all the issues, complexities, uncertainties, etc. that comes with launching a new business, vision, and mission. Therefore, we’ve developed this company as a resource and "Structure of Hope" to the people that need it the most… Start-Ups! We will help you Plan, Prepare, and Position For Success From The Start!
Michael A. Grant, Jr.

Publications, Platforms, and Programs for Start-Up Entrepreneurs and Visionaries.

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Our Vision.

Our vision is to see all visions that helps humanity be able to be fulfilled no matter how limited ones resources are.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to level the playing field for people of vision. To assist visionaries and entrepreneurs with the needed help and support for them to start out with sustainability.
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Our Heart.

Our heart is to show the love of Christ through Commerce. That means putting people before profits. And, doing business with humanity in mind.

We Structure.
You Scale.

Our objective is to help you Plan, Prepare, and Position for the deployment of your vision. Once you have proper sustainability with your business model, then it’s your responsibility and opportunity to take it as far as you can go!
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Purposefully Propelling People To Prosper.

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